How can I test for a male yeast infection? How long can it usually last without treatment?

Yeast infection can. last forever w/out treatment. Symptoms can include white spots in throat, urethra and penis itch or pain, and itching anus. Please see your doc for a simple blood test. Treatment can be Western meds such as Nystatan and elimination of sugar indiet and good probiotics. Peace and good health.
Dryness. A long time. Such infections are common and are not necessarily sexually transmitted. DRYNESS is the cure, not always easy. After washing dry meticulously with a towel then take off the last part of moisture with a small amount of baby, or antifungal powder. In difficult cases one dose or a short course 3-5 days of fluonazole 100mgs daily is usually curative. If you ignore it, it persists.