Can you die from central sleep apnea? I was just diagnosed and cant tolerate cpap. I want to find out the reason for csa. Ep said not heart. Now what?

Mgt. I would suggest an evaluation with a Neurologist who also specializes in sleep disorders. You may need imaging to rule out any lesions. There are certain masks which are form fitting which are more comfortable to wear.

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Just diagnosed with Central sleep apnea. On cpap for now but what other tests or drs should I see to find out the cause. Heart has been ruled out.

Several. Central Sleep apnea by definition emanates from the brain therefore, a neurologist or neuro sleep specialist may be the optimal specialist to speak with in order to try and discern a specific cause although often times exhaustive searching finds little to nothing in terms of ORIGIN. If you'd like to set up a private consultation please write me at: Read more...