My vision suddenly blurs and things appear bent?

See an eye doctor. If your vision remains blurred and objects appear bent, there may be an issue with your retina - the film layer of the eye. If the blur comes and goes, there are other possible explanations, but in all circumstances, only a full dilated eye examination will be able to properly solve this problem. Do not delay your visit; this must be dealt with promptly.
Vision self check. Use some apps or tools online to check your visual acuity and then look at an amsler grid one eye at a time at the proper distance (center fixation). If there's bent, wavy, broken, or missing lines (and it's constant and localized to a specific area), there may be a retinal problem.
CSR. In a young patient, a retinal problem called central serous retinopathy can cause distortion in the vision. See an eye doctor for evaluation and possible treatment.