BNP value 894. Symptomatic. Is this CHF?

Chf . The diagnosis of chf exacerbation is made based on symptoms, findings on clinical exam, labs and imaging. BNP is usually part of the labs and its trend is used to appreciate response to treatment. In other words, an isolated BNP value, even if obviously elevated, does not make the diagnosis. It is only helpful in the overall picture and follow up. .
Not necessarily. In New Zealand we look at age when deciding whether BNP value confirms heart failure. ?Age <50yrs: 450 pg/mL (?53 pmol/L) ?Age 50-75 yrs: 900 pg/mL (?106 pmol/L) ?Age >75 yrs: 1800 pg/mL (?212 pmol/L) The units may be different in USA. Please check. Consult your doctor. So in New Zealand at age 63 we are looking for a value >900 to be more certain.