Had stool analysis done. Showed 'many candida albicans'. Is this bad? Does it mean I have systemic yeast? I have no stomach problems or other symptoms

No worries! "Systemic yeast" is an urban myth -- often used to explain any number of symptoms but not an accepted medical entity, at least not by the scientific medicine community. It is normal to have yeasts in the intestine anmd to be visible in feces. Also, "stool analysis" is pretty much a waste of time and money, except in very specific circumstances and if recommended by an appropriate specialist.

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Would a positive igg for Candida Albicans mean systemic infection or that it is an infection somewhere in your body? I have +stool fungal culture.

Not necessarily. I find these studies to be of little value.They are often promoted by alternative health vendors as having value for dozens of chronic conditions. People usually have candida albicans to the point it makes up 5% of the dry weight of stool. Igg is often positive for hundreds of factors for which no problems are present, with the number increasing with age. This includes candida. Read more...