How can I get a tattoo removed?

TATTOO REMOVAL. Many dermatologists can remove tattoos. Depends on where and how large. Lasers often work.
Q-Switched Laser. If you want to have a tattoo removed without leaving scars, the gold standard is a q-switched laser. There are 3 common ones, a yag, alexandrite and a ruby. All have very short pulse durations needed to breakup tattoo ink. The laser does not get rid of the ink, it breaks it up into tiny flecks that your body can absorb. Dark colors on light skin are easier, none are easy. 10-12 treatments is avg.
Q lasers. The Q switched lasers are the gold standard for LTR it is important to know that if you have multiple colors then you must choose a doctor that performs a lot of laser tattoo removal and has several lasers to remove these colors.