Is every Red Bump or blister a new scabies infection. I got treated with some pills 4days ago. But still have some red bumps and sometimes get new ones. Are those eggs? Can I pop them and make sure that I clean that area.

No. Most of the itch from scabies is due to allergy against the mites. From the initial infestation to the onset of severe itch is about 2 months. After treatment kills the mites, and there may be only 6 of them, you are still allergic to the dead mites burrowed into your skin, so the itch may linger for weeks. Most of what you see is a result of your oun excoriation. No, those are not eggs. Consider.
Scabies. 33 year old gentleman with scabies infection treated with oral therapy now with new red rash. You may require treatment with oral and topical therapy. You may be extremely contagious and you should avoid scratching the scabies rash. Contact your doctor and read the CDC decontamination protocol for your close contacts, bedding, clothing,etc.