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I am having loose stools for a month with blood coming time to time, I think because of hemmoroids. I also feel anaemic. Is that Crohn's disease?

Check this out. It certainly could be but could also be many other things. It is not normal to pass blood with your stool. If you are actually anemic and losing blood thru your GI tract, this needs to be worked up. I would recommend you go see your doc about this as soon as you can and find out what is going on!

Crohn's 4-5 stools but hard to go last week. Mon 10 loose stools now nothing in 36 hours even with stool softner. Not sure if good or bad?

Depends. This would depend upon the activity of your disease. Do you have abdominal pain, bloating, fever, etc? Are you on any medications for the Crohn's? Although the symptoms aren't good, they do not necessarily indicate a serious problem. You should consult your physician to see if medications are needed or if doses need to be changed.

For several years, I've been having 3-4 loose stools in the morning. If it doesn't bother me, can I ignore? There is Crohn's and colitis in family.

Check it out. If you have a strong family history of inflammatory bowel disease early detection and treatment will save you a lot of trouble.
Colonoscopy. Relatives of patients with crohns disease are 15 times more at risk of developing the disease compared to general population. Presentation varies and diagnosis may be delayed. Colonoscopy is very valuable in the diagnosis. Crohn's disease patients may have an increased risk of developing colon cancer.

I have Crohn's Disease and chronic watery and bloody diarrhea along with excruciating pain. What can I take for the diarrhea and the pain. I'm alrea?

Need to see doctor. If you are having chonic watery and especially bloody diarrhea with pain, you need to see your doctor. This means your symptoms are either out of control or you are having a Crohn's flare-up and need Rx meds. Do you have a doctor you see on a regular basis for your Crohn's? Are you or have you been on Rx meds for the Crohn's before? How was your Crohn's diagnosed?
Directed therapy. The best option is therapy for Crohn"s itself. I would contact your GI doc and discuss the bloody diarrhea. Sounds like your disease is not controlled and you are having pain. I would not suggest your take any OTC mediations. There are many options and therapies and most work. A call to your GI doc is needed ASAP.