I'm 19 with good hygiene but work with kids and find myself itching and taking out pinworms at nights how do I stop this annoyance?

Oh my. Pinworms must be treated with a prescription anti-parasitic if present, so a doctors visit is a must to take care of this problem. You can help your dr diagnose pinworms with clear scotch tape. On 3 mornings before your appointment, first thing in the morning stick a 1 inch piece of scotch tape directly to your anus, peel it off and keep it in a plastic bag. Your doc can look for eggs/worms.
Medicate/Wash Hands. Pinworm infestation is common in children; is transmitted by ingesting eggs via the fecal-oral route. Thorough hand washing is a must to prevent spread as well as prompt treatment of infestations. Female worms can lay up to 10,000 eggs in 24 hrs on perianal skin and eggs can remain infective 2-3 wks on surfaces. See doctor now for treatment. Wash hands/nails often for 20 sec, rinse thoroughly.