Does hsv igm blood test show past exposure as in childhood?

Likely will not. If it was positive in childhood it will likely recede. IgG antibodies are slowly to develop and stay positive. IgM antibodies tend to indicate a more recent infection. All the best.

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Is a HSV igm & igg blood test helpful after g herpes exposure 6+months ago? No genital outbreak, other symptoms, but have had mouth cold sores before.

Probably yes. The HSV IgG tests are excellent, and a negative result for HSV2 6+ months after exposure shows you were not infected. The HSV1 result should have been positive if your diagnosis of past cold sores is correct, but once in a while the test misses HSV1 (but rarely HSV2). The IgM result doesn't help one way or the other -- it's inherently unreliable anyway, never done by herpes or STD experts. Read more...

Should I take igm & igg blood test for Hsv if exposed to g herpes but no outbreak, have other symptoms, and had mouth cold sores in the past. Advice?

Depends. If the exposure is within a couple of weeks, IgM would be the test to get. On the other hand, there is no harm if getting IgG which would indicate exposure months or years ago. Unfortunately an infected person, even in the absence of symptoms,may infect other people. Until this situation has been settled, insist on condom use. Read more...