My body heats up when I become anxious and flustered, it causes me to sweat and ofter results in body oder, even after having showered, thoughts?

This is normal. The symptoms you describe are your body's normal response to a situation that invokes the "fight or flight" response. You can use an anti-antiperspirant, which will help with the perspiration and odor, but the best treatment is to find out why those situations cause you to be anxious and flustered. Psychotherapy might help a lot.
Sweating and anxiety. Excessive sweating is called hyperhidrosis and is associated with higher levels of disability, fear, avoidance, and other physiologic symptoms.It has been associated with endocrine conditions such as elevated thyroid, the use of stimulants and the pressence of anxiety disorders especially social anxiety disorders. All of these conditions are treatable conditions. Get evaluated.