Does drinking hot temperature soup in the summer cause you to sweat more and thus lower your overall temperature?

Only if spicy. If the soup is especially spicy hot, then you will sweat more, but it will only bring your body temperature back to "normal".
In a way. Sweating leads to cooling of the skin surface but this alone would not likely lower your core body temperature noticeably.
Summer Heat. Good afternoon; I can't answer your question; however, from personal experience I've found cool refreshing drinks coupled with ice packs - to be almost necessary after a challenging ride. I can't understand where hot soup would be more effective!
Here are some... Known to us, the biological body of mammals lives within their normal range of body temperature through inherent biological automation to quietly adjust the nerves, blood vessels, and skin so to maintain the desirable temperature, but there is its individual functional reserve among people reflecting age and health state. More? Ask doctor timely.
Possibly. Drinking or eating hot soup in the hot weather can raise your body temperature a nd make you perspire , but you'll have to sweat profusely to lower your core temperature. The effect will be temporary and probably not worth the messy procedure.
Yes and no. Yes it can make you sweat more but it does not affect your overall body temperature.