Numb top side of thumb, shooting pain from nerve or tending right below the nub of wrist, spasming in first and thumb fingers, tingling and burning!

Seek evaluation. There are some questions that first need to be asked and some exam findings but it may be that you have a focal neuropathy such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Neuropathies can be diagnosed clinically or with the use of a nerve conduction study. Please see your physician. Management initially includes wrist splints and at times medications.

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Tingling in left thumb, pointed and middle finger and shooting pain in wrist? Could this be heart related or more likely a nerve?

Wrist pain. neural complaints are classical of carpal tunnel syndrome and he should have an EMG done for this.CTS initially is treated with wrist splint at night and NSAIDs 3 times a day for 2 months. If symptoms persist then further interventions may be required. Cardiac disease would primarily involve chest pain with radiation to the arm and is not classical in this manner. Read more...