It is sometimes hard for me to swallow the food I eat. And I can't swallow tablets! That is why I take liquids! Please help!?

Mechanical problem? Sounds like a mechanical problem with the way food gets from the mouth to the stomach. The first stop is in the mouth where saliva moistens food - you may have xerostomia (dry mouth). Several strategies/medications can help. But, you might have a problem with the esophagus (foodpipe) - either a narrowing, or ineffective contractions moving food/pills down to the stomach. See an md for evaluation.
See your doctor. There are many problems that can cause difficulty swallowing, such as simple things like dry mouth. On the other hand this symptoms is concerning because it could indicate dangerous problems like esophageal cancer or motility problems. I would recommend seeing your primary care doctor soon.
See your PCP. See your primary care physician. You will need what is called a barium swallow. This is a radiographic exam to see if there is narrowing of your esophagus. If so, then you will need an endoscopy, which is a flexible camera that will directly visualize your esophagus.
Get evaluated now! It is impossible to know the cause of your swallowing difficulty without evaluation. It may be something easily treated with medication or endoscopy or may be a more serious issue. The bottom line is simple. Have this evaluated by your physician asap.
Dysphagia. There are multiple causes including dry mouth, a narrowing caused from chronic reflux, anxiety, achalasia or even a tumor. If it has caused you to change your diet you should discuss with your doctor. They may order an esophagram to see if there is a problem and an upper endoscopy as well. Finally manometry can help determine a functional cause.