Pain RUQ-x6mos- dr says gall bladder but tests HIDA, CBC, CMP, lipase, amalyse, EGD and abdom US 6m ago nml- can this be pancreatic cancer? 30 yrs old.

Unlikely. It's possible that you have gall bladder dysfunction or sludge in the gall bladder which may not show up on ultrasound. Pancreatic cancer seems unlikely in view of the normal abdominal ultrasound. For the sake of completeness a ct scan of the abdomen and liver function tests may reassure you about your pancreas and liver. In the meantime try a very low fat diet.
RUQ pain. Referral to an academic medical center to see a general surgeon. If your pain persists, you need additional imaging including abdominal CT scan +\-MRI. A careful history, full physical exam hepatitis serologies liver function tests. Hepatobiliary Scintigraphy+GBEF or ERCP possible expert options-Rome III criteria. Pancreatic cancer unrelenting pain weight loss, pruritus-CT or PET scan.Good luck. .