Ok so I've been kinda tough ng for a few days have had congestion for a few days and I started clindmaycin yesterday for a tooth abccess this morning I wake up with like a burning in my throat and sorta chest pain like when I cough temps been 99.5?

Abscess. Tooth abscess can be a serious condition which warrants antibiotic and subsequent incision and drainage along with a possible root canal. This needs close follow up and consultation with a dentist.
See your DDS or GP. Clindamycin is an effective medication against certain types of bacteria which cause dental abscess. However, it should only be used on the recommendation of a dentist or GP. See your GP or dentist for evaluation.
Antibiotic. Antibiotic will not cure an infection, just help control it until your Dentist can physically treat the infection. Your other symptoms may be due to the infection, and would be even mora acute without the antibiotic, at may be due to a coincidental viral, bacterial, or fungal infection. Call your Dentist for more information and to schedule appropriate treatment.