What is the best x-ray for examining the jaw bone after wisdom teeth removal?

It Depends. The answer may depend on why the x-ray is being performed. A panoramic x-ray is commonly used for preoperative evaluations of impacted wisdom teeth, and postoperative if indicated. If a more detailed evaluation is necessary, a cone beam CT can be performed which allows manipulation of the data to reconstruct 3D images of the desired area.
Depends on problem . It depends on what kind of problem you are having. Suspicion of infection, bony sequestration, or other problems will require different types of x-rays. This is usually determined by your surgeon or his referral. .
Pano/CBT. Pano can work but if I'm looking for more detail a CBT (cone beam) works awesome.
CB-CT. Cone beam CT provides detailed images of the bone structure and is performed to evaluate diseases of the jaw before and/or after wisdom teeth surgery.