Is it good idea to get tested for herpes if I never had sore or blister on mouth or genital? If so should I for hsv1 or hsv2? Want to test because I just learnt about herpes transmission with no sores

Test For Both. If you are concerned/worried enough to be writing, then if nothing else it will ease your mind. The same is true for any and all STD's. It's unlikely that you have anything to be concerned about but it never hurts to be sure!

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Fingered a girl with genital herpes 2 months ago. Washed hands for 5 min right after. Noticed cold sore on lip but do have hsv1. Is it possibly hsv2?

Hard to say. Hsv 1 is more often linked to cold sores at the lip margins while hsv 2 is most often linked with genital lesions. However, both strains are occasionally found at either location. Whether or not this has anything to do with the exposure you cite is hard to say.