Hi I been having red itchy spot all over my body and face for the past 6 months. I have gone to the my regular doctor and allergy doctor and nothing?

Hives? eczema? Both can be helped even if they can't be cured. Treatment really depends on the diagnosis. If its hives then sympathize with how frustrating this can be but chances are they will go away eventually. If it's eczema a patch test can determine if it's due to contact dermatitis. If you have no diagnosis then a biopsy may be indicated. Best of luck to you.
Hives? Too short a description to know for sure. Treatment based on the look of the rash, where it is on the body, timing, response to therapy. Sometimes necessary to biopsy. By "nothing", meaning it continues to reappear, you may be getting re-exposed, if dermatitis or bites, or spontaneous recurrence, typical of chronic hives. Hard to say here. Perhaps second opinion allergist or derm. Don't be shy. .