If you were once on acutane for acne and then it came back and then I did a second course what are the chances of it coming back again?

ACCUTANE & ACNE. No one actually knows when acne will recur no matter how often Accutane is prescribed. Usually one 6-month course is enough. Why are you getting the acne? If you are female, does it get worse before your periods? You may be able to prevent new zits & goobers & zingers & honkers by eliminating nuts & peanut butter, stopping chocolate, & cutting down on dairy products. Try it. You may like it .
It will. After Accutane is stopped, acne stays at bay for a good while, but is prone eventually to return, perhaps less severe. Each time, you must decide whether you want another course, or to stay with something milder like topical rx plus a systemic antibiotic.