Is it safe to take 70000iu of vitamin A (fish liver oil) at one time?

One can take. that much at one time .... if one is deficient and under a doctor's care. The regimen for those known to be vitamin A deficient can be 100,000 IU by mouth or injection for 3 days, followed by 50,000 IU daily for two weeks. But 70,000 units should not be a daily dose. The recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for adults is 3000 IU daily for men. Hope this helps! Good wishes:)
If doctor ordered it. Vitamin A calculations are complicated because the number of "iu" in each "mcg" varies depending on the source of the vitamin A (the type of vitamin A compound). Also, one doesn't truly know what exactly is in supplements, and how much is really in them, because they are not as regulated as "FDA-regulated" medications. See details at:

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Can I take vitamin A (from fish liver oil) and vitamin d3 together? If so will it help with acne?

You can. But there will be absolutely no effect on acne. Fish oil is a waste of money. Large doses of Vit A ( supplement, not food. They are different.) are toxic. No harm from a standard OTC D3 of 1000 or 2000 units, but no effect on acne. If you desire help for acne see a skin specialist. Read more...
Acne Treatment. I understand your concern about Acne. Some patients have had good results with fish liver oil and Vitamin d, possibly due to Omega-3 fatty acids in fish. There are no clinical research documenting the benefit. Acne can become worse due to hormones, stress, carbohydrate-rich foods —bread, bagels and chips, and exposure to sun. See a Dermatologist for treatment. See a Psychiatrist for stress. Read more...