After sex, the inner lip near my urethra was raw, became red, and burned. I believe it is an abrasion. What can I do or use to heal this? Ointments?

Risk of infectio. Since it ia raw area in mucus membrane,there is risk of infection.You can use a topical antibiotic cream like Bacitracin twice a day.And it will heal within 7 also avoid rough sex till healed.
Abrasion groin. It will heal very quickly over the next few days. Soak in a tub of warm water to help soothe the area.
Sex abrasion. Assuming the burning is slight and superficial, you may be right. If burning on urination, it may be UTI. If burning lasts more than a day or so, see your provider to exclude infection. I like 'no treatment' when a minor problem will get better on its own. Use soap and water to keep the area clean. Prevention with OTC lubes is pretty obvious advice and may enhance the experience anyway.