Kidney pain, chills, fever. Had urine culture. Result: bacterial infection. But, where is infection? Bladder? Kidney? Bacterial UTI?

Kidney I bet. Probably ascended from the bladder. Ask your physician about whether there is anything you can do to prevent future infections, or whether there may be an underlying problem putting you at risk.

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I have pain on my left back on hip. The scanning report of kidney, bladder r normal, dr said it is uti, but the urine culture s neg what is the reason?

Negative C;S= no UTI. Ur correct in questioning diagnosis of UTI in absence of positive urine culture. Ur symptoms are likely musculo-skeletal. Did dr check ur spine, sacroiliac joints ; hips by inspection ; palpation? You might need conventional x-rays of lumbar-sacral spine ; pelvis. Dr probably suspected because u had a UTI 6 months ago. Might consider seeing rheumatologist or orthopedist. Good luck. Read more...

5 yo girl, no history of UTI or kidney probs: in hosp for hi fever, dehydratn, urinalysis=+ for bact, urine culture=-! renal echo=dilated kidn. Opinions?

Consult a urologist. This child may have a number of problems, the most likely being vesicoureteral reflux or upj obstruction. She may need further studies, including a test called VCUG or a nuclear renal scan. If possible, consult with a pediatric urology subspecialist. She may need to be on antibiotics indefinitely until the problem can be diagnosed definitively. Read more...