Colon polyps is 8mm size bad??

No, not so bad. This is a small polyp. I hope this has been sent to Pathologist for a microscopic examination. Why did you have the colonoscopy done at this time??(it is usually done for some reason or for Cancer screening( but after age of 50 years).
Size, but what cells. While larger polyps tend to be more concerning for cancer than smaller ones, it really depends on the cells that the polyp contains, which is why polyps have to be sought out (via colonoscopy) and removed for histologic analysis. Smaller polyps can have cancerous or precancerous cells therein.
No need observation. Not bad if you follow your doctors advise , removing them through scope , get get checked for new ones if neglected some types may lead to malignancy .

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What are colon polyps?

Abnormal gowths . Neoplasia is a general term to describe abnormal growth pattern, cancer-like, unregulated by normal bodily control systems. Some colon polyps are destined to become cancerous, some are not, so all polyps are usually removed when they are found so we can distinguish the difference under the microscope, not by appearance which can fool you. Read more...

How do you remove colon polyps?

By scope vs. surgery. If your colon polyps are identified colonoscopically, they can be removed piecemeal by cold biopsy, or cauterized by wrapping a snare around the polyp & adding electricity. Even large polyps can be colonoscopically removed in their entirety by emr (endoscopic mucosal resection). Invasive adenomas, dysplastic polyps, & frank malignancies may require surgery (usually laparoscopic). Read more...