What is the cure for ocd?

No, but can treat it. It can take years for someone diagnosed w/ ocd 2get appropriate treatment. So 1st get properly assessed. Then a) educate urself about what ocd is/isn't: &; b) what form(s) ocd takes. (try http://bit.Ly/y0lvsh .) cognitive-behavioral therapy (cbt) that specifically includes exposure &response prevention (erp) has proven very effective as have certain medications. For some, erp/cbt + meds indicated.
Here's a book. If there is a cure, this book explains it: stop obsessing by edna foa. It utilizes a type of treatment called cognitive behavioral therapy. Medications may control symptoms which often return once discontinued. Cbt may provide a more long lasting benefit.
No true cure. Ocd is a potentially severe illness with symptoms that typically wax and wane over time. There is no true cure, but certain medications (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (srris)) and cognitive behavioral therapy, especially when done together, can markedly relieve the symptoms in many individuals and both delay and ease the severity and duration of subsequent episodes.
Psychotherapy. Ocd, like most other mental health issues can respond well to appropriate psychotherapy. Some medications can help, but to cure the disorder one must know what the underlying issues are. In my practice (not to be confused with truth), OCD symptoms are the result of the individual's trying to control their unacceptable anger.
No cure but effectiv. There is no cure for ocd. It is a strongly biologically based illness and usually has been present from childhood. Most sucessful people have some obessive compulsive tendencies but when the symptoms cause a problem in your function in everyday life and /or emotional distress is when the diagnosis of OCD is made. There is very effective treatment - certain types of psychotherapy and medication.
Meds and therapy. Meds (usually antianxiety medications, but not always) combined with therapy with a clinician who specializes on OCD is the best combination to treat OCD, typically. This is the best treatment approach for OCD, but it does not guarantee a cure for it.