Switching from clonazepam. 75 for sleep to temazepam because clanazepam is not working as good as it used to be for sleep and I am feeling anxiety next day and don't want to up the dosage. Will I have withdrawal issues? 15mg Tmz equivalent to. 75 cl?

Withdrawal unlikely. Clonazepam is longer acting that temazepam, so the lower equivalent dose of the temazepam gets released faster. So it is a reasonable dose to start with. Generally you want to cut back a bit when switching in case the new drug affects you more. If someone stops a benzo completely then withdrawal might be an issue but going down on the dose in a reasonable manner like this won't likely cause it.
Not quite. The excessive day time anxiety might be because TZ 15mg doesn't help u enough to sleep. Best will be to increase it to 30mg. In my experience that's the most common used dose for Temazepam as sleep aide.