Lately I have been experiencing headaches that cause a nose bleed. They are like a very fast build up of pressure in my entire head.?

BP concern. Headaches with nosebleeds are concerning for high blood pressure. There are several other possibilities which should be evaluated by a qualified provider. Adults should have a good idea of what their blood pressure averages. A family doc. is good for this. Even grocery/drug store machines are worth something. Accuracy is more assured if 2 people are measured at the same time so bring a friend.
No. Nose bleeds are not related to blood pressure. This was taught to DRS 60 years ago but never made any sense. Headaches are a symptom, not a cause. Perhaps the same process causes both, maybe nasal/sinus congestion. You need to define the type of headache and its cause. Best DR for headache is neurologist. ENT Dr best for nosebleed. Sneezing? Blowing or picking nose? Meds or nasal sprays?