Recovered from v. meningitis/bacteremia 2 mos ago. Blood culture, SED rate/cpk retested today (still feel achy/headache)- all normal. Can I still be sick?

You are very lucky. You are so fortunate to be alive and it seems with very little residual issues it sounds like you just have some residual weakness from the disease. Give it time rest and see how you go. May not resolve. But if this is all you are left with not bad at all. You are lucky .

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Recovered from viral meningitis 2 mos ago, still feel achy/headache. Wbc, sed rate, cpk levels normal today, can meningitis be back even if blood is ok?

Probably not. A viral infection with meningitis certainly could make someone feel tired and achy for a couple of months. Without fever and worsening headache, it is unlikely you have recurrent meningitis. But this is obviously something for you to discuss with your doctor. Good luck! Read more...