Can pregnancy cause dry skin?

Pregnancy. Pregnancy causes many physical and hormonal changes. The thyroid gland is supercharged and may become somewhat depleted causing dry skin.

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What causes dry skin on belly, arms, legs during early pregnancy? I'm 9w2d and skin is flaky. Never had this before. Areolas are a little itchy?

Hormone changes. Hormone changes are most likely but if you are not drinking as much (possibly due to nausea or sickness) and are dehydrated, that would also contribute. Use a good moisturizer. Read more...

Is it normal to get a dry skin rash during pregnancy? .

Hormones & skin. The multitude of hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy can affect the skin. There are some specific rashes that occur in pregnancy which follow a distinct pattern (PUPPP), while other patients can develop itchy skin. If the skin is simply dry, then a dry skin care program with natural oils can suffice. If there is an underlying rash, it should be evaluated by a Dermatologist. . Read more...