Broke 4 bones and chipped a bone in foot 2 wks ago. Perfect alignment so boot was put on. Woke up yest. With red swollen foot & a lot more pain?

Recheck. If you are worse after 2 weeks a number of problems may have occurred such as displaced bones or infection. Be checked to see why you are not getting better. You may need a new XR and be immobilized in a cast. All the best. Be seen!
No time for Gout. Red swollen foot with a lot of pain, especially after an injury, could be several things. My first thought is you are experiencing a gout attack. This is not that unusual for post menopausal women. I would expect that foot is also very warm and an off red color. There is a possibility of a phlebitis, however, not so common in the foot. To remove all doubt, see you doctor or go to immed. care.