Could stress cause a constant throbbing headache and forehead pressure, nose pressure, twitching in temple and crawling sensation in temple?

R/O TENSION HA. YES: 4 basic headaches are Tension, Sinus,migraine and cluster. The muscles that originate at the base of the neck insert near the temple. Rest /ice and a darkened room may help. Also a NSAID like Aleve (naproxen) /daypro. Muscle relaxant ie KLONOPIN/ FLEXERIL . Meditation/Yoga/Biofeedback. GF DIET You need a full exam an blood work to be through. If symptoms worsen seek medical evaluation.
It can be a trigger. Stres is a the most common trigger for headache, in particular migraine. Migraine is a primary headache disorder, where the headache is the problem. As opposed to a secondary headache which is caused by another medical problem (say meningitis for example). Any new headache should be evaluated by a physician preferably a headache specialist. Get a list at