I'm having sharp and burning pain in my left breast. It hurts to move and pick things up. At times it hurts so bad ill cry and drop to my knees.?

See a doctor. You may have something wrong within your breast, but what you feel is breast pain could even be coming from somewhere else in your body. I recommend that you see a doctor, who can examine you, run tests if needed, and get you feeling better.
It doesn't seem like you have much choice. Have much choice other than seeing a doctor!

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Should I be worried about breast pain? I've had the pain in my left breast for 2 days now. Its like a sharp burning pain and only in the nippe and areola area, but if I try to pinpoint it, I can't. If my shirt brushes on it its painful or if I'm just sitt

You. You should probably see your family doctor just to make sure it is nothing serious. You are young and the chances of having something really bad is low especially with a negative family history. But you have to make sure.
Common problem. Fibrocystic disease/changes is very common in women. This is most often seen during the menstrual cycle. Breast feel lumpy and painful which is caused by cyst formation (fluid filled areas) due to hormonal changes. Some women may have these changes without being on their menstrual cycle. Caffeine may cuase the cysts to be overactive resulting in pain.