I was prescribed.75 Clonazepam for insomnia at bed time 3 month ago. I developed depression and anxiety from the pill so is there another alternative for me? I need to sleep as well as not being depressed and there is also concern of withdrawal. Help

You'll be fine. The dose of Clonazepam you were prescribed is a low dose. The best thing you can do in this situation is call the doctor who prescribed you the medicine and let him or her know your concerns or reactions to it. There are several types of medication for depression. You should speak with a Psychiatrist to get some help. Another thing to remember is to think positively and believe you will improve.
See Your doctor. As you know, none of these medicines(controlled substances) can be prescribed on the phone,. You can only get them through your doctor. So go see the doctor who has given you Clonazepam and plead with him/her and follow the advice given to you. You need a regular physician/psychiatrist to help you for the long haul.