Have you tried chantix or been successful with any other stop smoking methods?

Yes. I have seen individuals quit with various methods from nicotine gum, support groups, electronic cigarettes, nicotine patches and going cold turkey. One thing they all had in common is they without a doubt wanted to quit smoking. Chantix can be helpful, but like any drug, there are potential serious side effects (depression and suicidal thoughts). Best to discuss options with your doctor.
Acupuncture (ear) ; Hypnosis can both be beneficial for smoking cessation. Chantix can also be beneficial. The fda requires a black box warning for chantix. Per http://www.Aboutlawsuits.Com/chantix-black-box-suicide-warning-4684/ "a boxed warning will notify consumers that the smoking cessation drug may ^ the risk of changes in behavior, depression, hostility ; suicidal thoughts.".