Burning throat and hoarseness the past two days. Went to ER the past two evenings. Also had no voice the second day and wheezing. Wheezing today too with a nauseous, vomit, headache, dizziness and not speaking straight. Constant temp of 95.2?

ToWheezeOrNot2Wheeze. Man, you got it baaad! Sounds like the flu or a flu-like illness. If they didn't suspect anything worse after two ER visits, as long as the ERs weren't located in a malpractice zone, you should get over it. Two things, however: if breathing steam in the shower doesn't help the wheezing, you may need a medication. Same for the goofy speaking if it gets worse, so watch those carefully and see a doc.
Laryngitis/wheezing. This is likely a viral illness with throat and larynx involvement and extending to your chest. Often these symptoms are treated with an inhaler and steroids. I hope you feel better soon.