My 7 year old daughter broke her finger near the knuckle of her hand. How long should it take to heal? And would you recommend going to someone who specializes in pediatrics for treatment or would the treatment be the same for all ages?

Orthopedic&6 weeks. It takes 3 weeks for the fracture to heal and total of 6 weeks for the bone to remodel.So say 6 weeks for finger to return to normal If the fracture is simple and bone segments are not displaced,it is usually treated by splinting the finger. Get a copy of the xrays and follow up with an Ortopedic surgeon preferably a Pediatric Ortho Specialist but any ortho is competent to treat finger fracture.
If she'd been seen . in a hospital-based pediatric ER, you'd probably have been told to follow up with a pediatric orthopedist, but many orthopedists specialize in fixing certain body parts, whether they be of adults, teens or kids. Get a copy of her X-Rays & ask her pediatrician for referral to a hand surgeon who treats kids, preferably within a week after injury for optimal functional & cosmetic outcomes. .
Broken finger. I would recommend seeing an orthopedist who specialized in hangs. Doesn't necessarily have to be a pediatric orthopedist.