Hello doctors What is the best way to study pediatrics?

You have to love it. then go to Medical school. Good luck.
MD,DO,PA&NP. Pegdiatrics is a Medical Speciality.To study and to learn this speciality there are four ways 1MD You have to be accepted in a Medical School and finish with a MD Degree.And o for Pediatric Residency and get Certified 2Same as Med School but in a Osteopathic School and DO Degree and Ped Residency and Certification 3PA Physician Asiistance course and work under Pediatrician 4Same as PA.Nurse Pract.
Medical school. Doctorate in medicine or osteopathy. You can also gain pediatric knowledge in a physician's assistant or nurse practitioner program. Spend some time shadowing a general pediatrician, in a clinic or private practice, to see what happens there.