2 days of chest pain /tightness. Insomnia had ecg in emerge only prolonged qt interval. Could be lung clot even after 2 days of having symptoms?

More information plz. I think a bit more information is needed on your symptoms & how it came on before saying lung clot were HIGH on list. Of course, it MUST be thought of with your symptoms. But then, why are you not in ER getting ruled out? Perhaps, docs know you DON'T have PE? Write me at: www.healthtap.com/drsaghafi Use Key Code: PDXFNR to make calendar appointment. Otherwise, get seen while the sun's still out.
CTscan req to R/O PE. Prolonged QT not trivial, important to have Card consult to discuss meds that are not compatible! PE has to com from somewhere & blood tests can also suggest. Is one of your legs swollen? PE can come from thigh vein. You say C-section, when? The fetus does put pressure on pelvic veins, and the pelvis is a common place for PE in women. A cardiologist can also help with chest pain diagnosis.