My 7week old infant has reflux and is on meds but is still having bad reflux. Besides keeping her upright and burped well. What can I do?

No pain & is happy? If a young, refluxing baby is already on meds, getting burped, being held upright (with nothing pressing on the tummy), the question becomes: is there good growth and no pain? If the baby is happily growing despite spitting every feeding, it's ok to keep watching along with the pediatrician. Sometimes one can try switching to small, frequent bottle feedings to regulate the intake per feeding.
Re-evaluate. The dose may need to be increased or formula changed.Added rice cereals may help. At times reflux meds may need to be changed.Worst case scenario, surgery especially if with apneic episodes.
GER. You should talk to the baby"s dr and have the dr refer you to a r the nearest children's hospital or a medical center with a feeding team .Your baby should have a complete feeding and nutrition evaluation to rule out any abnormalities with swallowing measure the degree of reflux ( tests may include upper GI contrast study a video swallowing an eosophagoscopy and many other tests .