Can orange juice help with constipation?

Not usually. Orange juice does not usually help the bowels move properly. If it is just an occasional problem, you might want to consider prunes. In the long run, you will want to increase fiber in your diet. A fiber cereal is good for that. I mix mine up in yogurt each morning to give it a better taste. Often I add in fruit also. Good luck.

Related Questions

Since orange juice is acidic, can it prevent this constipation?

Any fluids. That are caffeine free/alcohol free whentaken in proper quantities of 80-100 oz per day can prevent constipation. Acidic plays no specific role in constipation.

Does orange juice relieve constipation brought upon by oxycotin?

Any fluids. Without alcohol or caffeine when taken at 80-100 oz per day can help with constipation due to narcotic usage. Of course getting off the Oxycontin is the best solution.
See below. Amitizia was just approved for opioid induced constipation.