My feet started to develope itchy bumps on them. This soon spread to my legs, hands, arms and back. I'm not allergic to anything.

? Possible viral rash, or simple acute urticaria, usually also virally induced, self limiting, isn't related to allergies. Any OTC 1st or 2nd generation antihistamine would help control the symptoms, but be careful if it causes sedation, don't drive.. If problem persists , see your doctor.

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I have itchy bumps on hands and feet that swell and are sore. I have had a rash on my legs and, stomach, and arms but it was just itchy bumps, not pa?

See dermatologist. It is impossible to diagnose from this description. There are multiple possibilities which will not respond to over the counter products.Evaluate all medications, environmental exposure and food history. Read more...

Little, VERY itchy bumps appeared on my lower back, arms, and thumb. There's only a few in each place. New ones popped up on my thigh. What are they?

No way to tell. it 'd be best for you to consult a dermatologist unless these bumps have been present for a very short time and have resolved with topical hydrocortisone. The cause of a skin rash is not easy to pinpoint especially when one does not know what it looks like. Read more...