My son 5 years old has malnutrition from lack of appetite doesn't eat proteinOnly some carbs (starches n sugars). CAN I give him egg protein milkshake ice crem with penut butter n honey, once daily From (store) Vitamin shoppe supplements for adults?

Ans. Very serious. This will affect his overall growth. Now you have got to get him to eat healthy start with something he likes maybe peanut butter and jelly. Also watch the teeth they will decay. You have to have him eat healthier. Your shakes are a good start. .
A tiny. human being your son's age really needs professional help with Nutrition issues. I would not use the supplement you describe due to the ALLERGENIC components ( EGG....PEANUT BUTTER) Check with your PEDIATRICIAN who can refer you to a NUTRITIONIST to assist you with your child's problem Good luck and I hope this helps! Dr Z.