I have been taking 1000mg fish oil as well as flax or chia daily for years. Is this safe? Ends up being around 2000mg or so total omega 3. Too much?

Omega 3:6 ratio. Most people do not get enough omega 3 in their diet and get too much omega 6. As to whether or not fish oil in combination with other plant sources of omega3 is too much depends on the context of a persons diet overall. Excess fish oil can have a blood thinning effect as well. This that also needs to be considered in the context of ones medical history. .

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Is taking 1g of fish oil omega-3 similar to taking 1g of chia seed's omega-3 as both are called omega-3?

Uncertain. I googled chia seed's fish oil and discovered that there are many formulations so i can't really answer your question. What you really want is about 900 mg of dha (a type of fish oil) so i advise you carefully read the label. The problem is that many herbal supplements really don't tell you what you're getting. You should also be aware that fish oil is not proven to be beneficial. Read more...