Will I need surgery to remove trigeminal neuralgia?

Many times. While some go into long term remission, many others require a procedure. The microvascular decompression is the most effective treatment for tn. Up to 80% are cured and come off medication.
Options. The first treatments for trigeminal neuralgia is usually lyrica, (pregabalin) gabapentin, Cymbalta or elavil. Nerve blocks can be tried to branches of the trigeminal that are sensitive , or the gasserian ganglion. Surgical treatments are a last resort, and include microvasular decompression and gamma knife surgery.
Medications first. Trigeminal neuralgia is best treated with medications. If you are considering surgery, a careful neurosurgical consultation is required as there are several options.
Trigeminal neuralgia. Trigeminal neuralgia can be treated with medications, and/or injections. If you don't respond to any of these treatment, surgery is an excellent option. It is a microvascular decompression surgery and is done by neurosurgeon.