I can't have a bowel Movement without laxatives. I take in the daily recamended amount of fiber, have 64 ounces of water a day, and work out.?

A few ideas. Continue your present regimen while it may help to include a daily probiotic. Adding a little caffeine such as a cup of coffee or green tea can also help. Stress can be source of bowel problems, so it may be worth addressing any sources of stress such as job, family, or money issues you may have. Hope that helps.

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It's been about a year now I've been on laxatives & lots of fiber gummies to be able to have one daily bowel movement. If I don't take one of the two I won't have a bowel movement for days. I drink plenty of water & my diet is healthy. I'm also having tro

For constipation. take Senna. Senna is a very safe natural plant product with a wide dosage range. Start by taking 2 tablets at bedtime, if you do not have a comfortable bowel movement (BM) the next day, take 4 tablets the next night. You can continue to increase the dose by 2 tablets every night until it works (up to 16 tablets). It is safe and effective to continue taking the dose that works every night. Read more...