Since my mom died I have not been to the cemetery to see her grave, tomorrow will be a month I am still grieving is this normal, it's like final if I?

Acute StressDisorder. I feel empathy for your Loss of the mother Your mother has been important to you in your life. Your mother’s physical body is not here, however her qualities and her spirit are in you. Grieving for a month and not going to see her grave are Normal. Have faith in the Creator and Universe. See Psychiatrist for Therapy for grief process. Carry on Legacy of your mother.
Stages of grief. It sounds like you are experiencing denial. Obliviously you are aware she is dead, but somehow you believe it isn't "final" until you visit her grave. I am so sorry for your loss. Maybe seeing a psychologist that specializes in grief would help you manage some of the unresolved thoughts and feelings you experiencing. .