Can a problem with your thyroid cause headaches, swollen glands, tiredness and weight loss?

May be. Thyroid abnormalities can be easily detected with a couple of blood tests. You may wish to consult your doctor for these tests, though it is unlikely that thyroid issues will cause swollen glands other than thyroid itself.

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Small red blood cells high CRP swollen glands in neck and one arm pit weight loss feeling unwell sometimes fever tired all the time?

Systemic disease. This cannot be diagnosed over the internet. It sounds as if you are in the process of having an extensive evaluation and would continue with this. It requires a stepwise analysis of each and every finding to finally arrive at a specific explanation for the problems. This could be a primary blood disorder or an infection or both. Good luck and best wishes. Read more...

What could cause swollen glands on neck (back and front). Slight sore throat and headache not too bad but no other symptoms?

Get checked. Allergies can present like this sometimes. Try benadryl (diphenhydramine) and see if it helps. if not, it's likely a viral or bacterial infection. Strep can present with minor symptoms, especially in adults, so it is important to get checked for this, especially if you have been exposed to strep or if kids around you have sore throats, and fever. Read more...