What should I use for stretch marks?

STRETCH MARKS. Unfortunately, i know of nothing that can be done for stretch marks. The treatments that promise to remove stretch marks are laser resurfacing therapy, dermabrasion, and various creams and lotions. These are all pretty expensive. Nothing over-the-counter works. Check with a dermatologist to see what he/she might recommend. But i wouldn't be hopeful.
stretch marks. There is no simple way to remove stretch marks after they are present. Preventative care during pregnancy includes the use of skin moisturizer such as cocoa butter. However afterwards you may see some improvement with micro-needling, fractional laser, or excision as in the case of a tummy tuck. Consult a board-certified plastic surgeon to see your options.
Very challenging. We really are fairly limited about how we can improve stretch marks. The current laser treatments give some mild improvement. Retin-a cream can help a little. Ipl can tone down the color if they are red or purple. Best is a tummy tuck to eliminate the ones in the lower abdomen.

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What should I use on my stretch marks to make them disappear?

Sorry. Stretch marks are tears in the skin cause by weight gain. They can be covered up, but not improved by creams and lotions. The only possibly effective therapy is cosmetic plastic surgery, but that's a big step for a non-health and non-life threatening problem. Read more...