If I had a perforead colon from anal sex how long after would I know? I had anal sex 3 days ago. And I'm still kinda having stomach pains. No fever no blood in stools. No vomiting still having sorta loose stools had intense stomach pains 3 days ago

Unlikely. The risk of perforation very low. Perforation is extremly low. If you have perforation then you will have fever and escalating pain .
You'd be very sick. And in the operating room if you had a perforated colon. Relax and it hopefully will get better but you may need to discuss with your doctor if still having discomfort and hold off anal intercourse. .

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I had anal sex for the first time over the last two days well last night a few hours after I started having sharp stomach pains that wrapped around to my back no fever bo blood in stools then this morning I had loose stools. Still got stomach pains?

Doctor can examine. Anuses are not designed for in-out, in-out sex. Just like in a big city, some streets are one-way and some streets are two-way. A vagina is created or evolved to be a two-way street (penis in & out, baby out). The gastrointestinal tract is designed to be one-way, with an opening on each end. Food goes in the mouth, and the brown stuff goes out the butt. Friction and trauma damages anus and rectum. Read more...
Although the. chances are slim that your symptoms are connected to the anal sexual contact (probably a more common stomach upset (viral or dietary origin) there are sexually transmitted diseases which can be transmitted anally..gonorrhea and non-specific urethrits are examples. If your partner wore a condom as he should have for his own protection, this would diminish that possibility. See your GYN !! Read more...