Burning in right thigh, groin and rectum when bladder is full. Notice burning when sitting. Herpes? IBS? History of unprotected sex. No outbreaks

Not herpes. You may have herpes, inflammatory bowel disease, or irritable bowel, but none of these are likely to cause the cluster of symptoms you describe. See your DR.
Referred discomfort. The distribution of your discomfort is consistent with some degree of prostate congestion or mild inflammation. A urologist is best qualified to evaluate you,order appropriate tests and treat you.

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Notice burning in right groin, thigh and rectal area while sitting. Herpes? History of unprotected sex. No outbreaks. Obsessing. In my head?

Maybe... I recommend an appointment with your gynecologist to discuss your concerns and have an exam with testing, if indicated. This will relieve your worries and obsessing! Also, you can discuss contraception. Thanks for trusting HealthTap! Read more...

Regular burning in groin and hip when bladder fills up. No outbreaks. History of unprotected sex with a female who says she has no STDs. Herpes?

Not herpes or STD. Genital herpes doesn't cause symptoms anything like this. Neither do any other STDs. No worries. But if you remain concerned, consider seeing a doctor or clinic for routine testing for asymptomatic STDs. Read more...